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Wednesday, March 15, 2006


pts for computer. i had loads of fun doing the practical test. thank heavens the written one didn't push through. that reminds me... we still haven't taken the last test on chpater 2 and 3. anyhoozles, it's summer and nobody care anymore. meh "studied" with some of the fingals in the publications office. i predicted to milezy during recess that we'd eventually end up doing no studying and a lot of talking about suicide or jumping out the really low window in said office... came true! seriously. i am turning into a trelawney. XD



chem was okay, easier than last grading's test. i sort of forgot what to do with the density though... solved for the mass whatsit, but i had no idea what to do with it afterwards. ah, well. i finished it, so there.


piece of cake. the facts t. suzette makes us memorize have a knack for sticking to my brain for some reason. sadly, i cannot say the same for chemistry and such. i spelled cuttelage whatsit wrong though. well, doi. i only discovered that i had stolen verai's notes in the morning and when your'e trying to study abortion while eating breakfast, nothing really sticks to your head on account of the constant near-puke related situations... that was a long sentence.


if it feels wrong, it's wrong- that's my motto. read it aloud and if it sounds wrong then it is... even when it's not. er...

FRIDAY, March 10


ss is always fun and you basically just have to reread everything. poof! you'll remember what has to be remembered when you have to. ^___^ i'll miss ss... and t. anne.


i swear i am not an erehe. i would not have survived that test if i was! i felt like self-help whatsit when i reread my answers for the last part, but this test was definitely easier than last grading's. needless to say, i didn't crack my skull trying to figure out what other good deeds i could "do" to nurture the culture of goodness.

SATURDAY, March 11


when t. wendy told us that we only had to study 10 out of the *counts with fingers* bazillion chapters i was ecstatic- as in wheeeeeeeeeeee! flip was okay especially since i memorized the silly names of the maikling kwento authors. *sniggers* batungbakal... not that names have any effect on their genius.

teh. as in teh~

i forgot which baking ingredients needed to be packed or not, so i finished early and started adding shade to the penciled measuring cups. oh, and i also discovered that i'm an oatmeal cookie! *bites self* yum and ow.


watching seminarians dancing and singing their way into priesthood is fun. saw two rockstar guys. the shorter one dances better. saw a jamie whatsit who is actually donna's cousin. ho- hum.


i was in meh cousins' house for three days! tis fun there even if i'm all alone when they head off for college life. they have dsl, a WORKING dvd player, and lots of korean movies to choose from. just yesterday, i finished my k-film marathon with "My Tutor Friend". hahai. darn korean movies... fooling you that somewhere there's a guy willing to beat up a mob for you. *sighs*

also watched "Crash" which was superb! poor anthony!!! he was only going to get his statuette of st. christopher when tommy aka "i'm so not racist, but i just shot a black guy" put some lead into his chest...*sobs*

finished "Pride and Prejudice" and i hate the ending. twas so bitin!!!

------------------------------------------------- teh back to meh summer job!
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