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Monday, February 20, 2006

+ [b]PEACE CAMP 2006!!![/b] it wasn't as fun as i hope dit would be, but that's life for you
+ before that i had to make-bantay over ickle sophies *evil cackle* i love being older: [i]"I DON'T THINK YOU NEED YOUR MOUTH TO WATCH THE MOVIE!!!" "PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSST!!!" "SIT PROPERLY!" "EXCUSE ME!!!" ""SHUT UP, FRIENDS"[/i]
+ they were watching "Pay It Forward" and Bebang cried- again
+ enjoyed telling people that Haley would die
+ had to make-bantay over the freshies as well... once more with feeling: "PSST!!!"
+ registered for le camp and categorized as a donkey... heehaw
+ set up tent, but- alas!- there were [b]no pegs[/b]. stole one from a neighboring tent, so at least ONE corner didn't fly away
+ had warm-ups, but most of the time i watched the leaders shake their thing, and helicopters, and butterflies...
+ admired Choy Miranda's speech- and [b]his clothes[/b]. prayed to God, asking if i could steal them
+ seriously. the donkey group was beyond [i]ignored[/i] by the peace camp populace. ach. heehaw
+ le living rosary was cool. all shiny and living...
+ slept at 12:30 ish because people were so [b]noisy[/b]. actually stepped out of le tent to scream, "PANGATOG NA MO!!!!!!!!!!"
+ Patty was sick and crying all night. had to be all motherly and freeze to near-deathish for her sake. *adjusts halo*
+ it started to [b]RAIN[/i] :X

+ woke up at 5:30 and fixed le tent. did not know how and it got all muddy and gabrielle-doesn't-know-how-to-fix-me-like. sighers
+ loved the "Crazy Frog" aerobic dance Carmel did. go JACS!
+ hung out with the Fingals in Carport while i waited for my ride. Choco Chip Cookies and Snack Packs taste delish together. not at all fattening! XD
+ went back to school mga 1:30 for the [i]12th[/i] practice. people arrived late, so most of my time was spent laughing at SheShe. not with... [b]AT[/b] the "Orbital"

+ [b]FAMILY DAY 2006!!![/b]
+ only had two boy-scouting successes... wished Robert was there and even one wouldn't be so bad
+ spent most of the morning going around without a friend by my side save for Mass that is
+ lost in BINGO, but will never really feel the kind of pain Fiona did... *shuts up*
+ saw my first Siberian Huskie!!!(sp?) King didn't count because he was part askal
+ spent Php 95 on three scoops of ice cream. yay for ice cream and money that isn't mine!
+ had dinner at Paradise and watched part of "Pride and Prejudice". kilig overdose. Mr. Bingley is so huggable!


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