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Tuesday, February 28, 2006
Don't Go Breaking My Heart!
*points up* that's the song that ended the much saputed about class play production. first of, all i'd like to say I AM BEYOND SORRY to le Pahte and the Miggster for forgetting to mention them during the acknowledgement. >.<

yes!!! humana jud ang torcher. *hits Verai with a mic* in the morning i couldn't eat breakfast because i was so nervous about the play, but i was all smiles when i got into the classroom- save for a grimace that just had to show itself on account that i had just hauled a three large bags full of costumes and props suspended on two very heavy poles covered with 9 meters of equally heavy cloth. ah well... *ahem* my nerves attacked me again after lunch because everything was beyond disorganized. during the rehearsal, the actors kept on forgetting their lines, the "transition cloth" people looked lame as they dashed about the stage, and so on. maybe it was just my nerves that kept stabbing me with the words "we are SO not ready", but when the viola and sebastian (we were staging "Twelfth Night") started their i'm rich and shipwrecked scene, all the bad vibahs left moi- most of them anyway. yay for the loss of bad vibahs! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! *cough* where was i? ah, yes. kudos to the actors for their er... acting. though the mics were a bit annoying, they did pretty well with the muggle sonorus spell. kudos to the stage crew for er... crewing the stage... no, for being all blackish and quick-footed. ^__^ kudos to the light, sound, etc operator. kudos to the plants. kudos to the make-up artists, the designers, and everyone else! kudos to the photographers (before I forget again), scriptwriters, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. KUDOS TO DIREK ORBITAL AND HER SMALL-EYEIOSITY.

KUDOS TO THE ASSISTANT DIRECTORS!!! *bows, slips, and laughs*

Oooooooooooer. it's over. no more 7-4 practices in mi casa (the 3rd time, i tell you, is not always the charm). no more gold paint to cover my hands with (farewell, Midas' Touch. no more people wrecking my room, although my bean bag will never sew itself up :-(. no more chances to shout the word "DOOR". no more "HOUSE RULES" tacked all over mi casa. no more play prod!!!

now, i all i have to do is watch le prods of le other secs. yep, it's finally my turn to sit back and RELAX.

ciao, ma cheri.
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