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Sunday, January 22, 2006
To Sneeze is BEAUTIFUL!

URGH. got sick last thursday, the day before the darn PEACE DAY. i was boiling and a bit weak that morning. hells bells. i considered foregoing the whole fandango in the name of good health, but mam was a chaperone and had to go(i think...).

so...i arrived in school bundled up in a humongous red jacket, carrying a bag with nothing but my meds, lots of water, and thick book that i almost never took out. yes, i was living the dangerous life that day... cue eyeroll.

the bus was a Natalie, all big and air-conditioned. it had a cool door that went all gshhhhhh-gshhhhhhhhh like the Darth Bus that it was. tres cool. there was also banner in the front with the words "St. Theresa's College High School Department DAY TOUR". hmph. they forgot to put in models of the month four-time winner etc. with a big fat III-B. oh, well.

the first stop was at the house of Car Car's bigman aka MatMat the Chicharon-making Mayor. fresh off the pan deep-fried fat is delish, i tell you. simply sinful. the taho there was good as well, not full of lasawiosity like the ones sold near the school. MatMat is actually, *name withheld due to possible kidnapping-related reasons*'s uncle...

the next stop was at St. Catherine's Church, which was beautiful. Unfortunately, Lolo Bataclan wasn't there to give us free food. *sigh* the tiles in their office are exactly like the ones in St. Peter and Paul's in Bantayan. whoa. that's already two cousins if you include a church in Bohol that we visited last summer. okay, so i started getting hot again (did i ever stop? lmao) after some picture-taking. i had to stay in the bus whilst everyone checked the municipal hall. didn't even go out when the others were posing for a class pic in front of some white monument. tooooooooo weak. *cough*lazy*cough*

we had lunch in Bahay na Tisa, which is called so because it has mucho tiles, NOT because it's made of tisa wood as i had originally guessed. it's pretty is all. i didn't get the spooky vibe which, was strange, but vair much great. if i did, peeing alone would have been quite a challenge.

after lunch, i got sicker, so i had to stay in the bus- again. everyone else was off to the Car Car's water-thing save for the driver/owner of Natalie, my dear mam, the travel agent, and Bri's mam. the last three talked about marriages and common friends and all the other stuff moms talk about. i pretended to sleep while listening to their chat, but i, eventually, dozed off any road. i woke up when my classmates arrived- about an hour later, i suppose. most of them patted my head when they passed by, like i was some kind of Sto. NiƱo. pity was my friend that day.

i think... the next stop was the shoe market. didn't buy anything except for some Doublemint, which you don't exactly put on you feet. everyone gathered for one last class pic, before climbing back in Darth Bus and heading off to the Theotokos Shrine.

there was supposed to be a DANCING SUN, but maybe that was just the one-time miracle that made the STEEP hill a pilgrimage site. did i mention that it was perched atop a steeeeeeeeeeep hill? they should've carried me since i was sick and all. sadists.

there was another stop, but i slept through that... a sick Sam likes to live dangerously.

after a few hours of bad karaoke skills (courtesy of my lovely classmates), more meds, and chika, we arrived at STC. and i...


when i got down. oh joy and flowers.

the following night, i woke up every hour to puke. yes, my body has some kind of sick clock. my throat started burning during the last four since i has pretty much given back my breakfast, dinner, and lunch before that. urgh. urgh. urgh. will stop now...

i'm feeling better now. i just have the canine-cough(aka coughing that sounds like a very sick dog's bark) and the sniffles. the skin under my nose is all red though. i finished a whole roll of tissue paper in one afternoon. sahd.

will post pics soon! nyt all
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