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Sunday, January 15, 2006
The Bum That I Am
Sinulog '06 is over! it's such a shame that i didn't even watch it on the telly.

we had a party at my house. work galore for lil old me, but it was worth it. ate some dugo-dugo and scrumptious mango float. it was fun before the spawn of satan aka my little cousins annihilated my bean bag. poor beany was bleeding little styrofoam balls. huhuhu... Owi scratched my face and i am now disfigured. sadly, i don't have a male-version of Fluer Delacour to love me with all my disfiguriosity- except my dad, but he doesn't count. eeeeeeew.

skiddadled to Ayala for some aimless walking with Bilay, Tamae, Kit, Don, and Gutz. i broke a NECKLACE and had to pay for it. i still have my dignity intact, mind you, but my poor money... poor, poor money. i had a fudge brownie ice monster to comfort my poor soul.it was delish as always and i have added it to my fave food list. i shared it with Gutz, at first, but she kept on getting brain freezes. yay! more for me! ^^ the others got Zagu, which is probably there fave drink since they patiently waited in line for an HOUR. truly amazing. must remember not to wear a Zagu costume when they are in the room.

i can HEAR the fireworks from Ayala right now. i've seen their displays so many time, i don't bother going out anymore- THAT and there is a huge tree covering them.

WHOA!!! some big bang just er... banged. seriously, i got goosebumps when i heard it. i wonder how it looked like...


:D couldn't help myself. that BANG was just too huge.

the display was simply breathtaking and i have now forgiven Ayala for being CHEAP on fireworks during New Year. honestly, those technicolor lights could've rivaled the ones in LOTR. ^^ forgot to take pictures though. sahd...


off to rp more! ^^
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