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Friday, January 27, 2006

Huhuhuhu. It wouldn't fit in the sidebar.
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Sunday, January 22, 2006
To Sneeze is BEAUTIFUL!

URGH. got sick last thursday, the day before the darn PEACE DAY. i was boiling and a bit weak that morning. hells bells. i considered foregoing the whole fandango in the name of good health, but mam was a chaperone and had to go(i think...).

so...i arrived in school bundled up in a humongous red jacket, carrying a bag with nothing but my meds, lots of water, and thick book that i almost never took out. yes, i was living the dangerous life that day... cue eyeroll.

the bus was a Natalie, all big and air-conditioned. it had a cool door that went all gshhhhhh-gshhhhhhhhh like the Darth Bus that it was. tres cool. there was also banner in the front with the words "St. Theresa's College High School Department DAY TOUR". hmph. they forgot to put in models of the month four-time winner etc. with a big fat III-B. oh, well.

the first stop was at the house of Car Car's bigman aka MatMat the Chicharon-making Mayor. fresh off the pan deep-fried fat is delish, i tell you. simply sinful. the taho there was good as well, not full of lasawiosity like the ones sold near the school. MatMat is actually, *name withheld due to possible kidnapping-related reasons*'s uncle...

the next stop was at St. Catherine's Church, which was beautiful. Unfortunately, Lolo Bataclan wasn't there to give us free food. *sigh* the tiles in their office are exactly like the ones in St. Peter and Paul's in Bantayan. whoa. that's already two cousins if you include a church in Bohol that we visited last summer. okay, so i started getting hot again (did i ever stop? lmao) after some picture-taking. i had to stay in the bus whilst everyone checked the municipal hall. didn't even go out when the others were posing for a class pic in front of some white monument. tooooooooo weak. *cough*lazy*cough*

we had lunch in Bahay na Tisa, which is called so because it has mucho tiles, NOT because it's made of tisa wood as i had originally guessed. it's pretty is all. i didn't get the spooky vibe which, was strange, but vair much great. if i did, peeing alone would have been quite a challenge.

after lunch, i got sicker, so i had to stay in the bus- again. everyone else was off to the Car Car's water-thing save for the driver/owner of Natalie, my dear mam, the travel agent, and Bri's mam. the last three talked about marriages and common friends and all the other stuff moms talk about. i pretended to sleep while listening to their chat, but i, eventually, dozed off any road. i woke up when my classmates arrived- about an hour later, i suppose. most of them patted my head when they passed by, like i was some kind of Sto. NiƱo. pity was my friend that day.

i think... the next stop was the shoe market. didn't buy anything except for some Doublemint, which you don't exactly put on you feet. everyone gathered for one last class pic, before climbing back in Darth Bus and heading off to the Theotokos Shrine.

there was supposed to be a DANCING SUN, but maybe that was just the one-time miracle that made the STEEP hill a pilgrimage site. did i mention that it was perched atop a steeeeeeeeeeep hill? they should've carried me since i was sick and all. sadists.

there was another stop, but i slept through that... a sick Sam likes to live dangerously.

after a few hours of bad karaoke skills (courtesy of my lovely classmates), more meds, and chika, we arrived at STC. and i...


when i got down. oh joy and flowers.

the following night, i woke up every hour to puke. yes, my body has some kind of sick clock. my throat started burning during the last four since i has pretty much given back my breakfast, dinner, and lunch before that. urgh. urgh. urgh. will stop now...

i'm feeling better now. i just have the canine-cough(aka coughing that sounds like a very sick dog's bark) and the sniffles. the skin under my nose is all red though. i finished a whole roll of tissue paper in one afternoon. sahd.

will post pics soon! nyt all
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Sunday, January 15, 2006
The Bum That I Am
Sinulog '06 is over! it's such a shame that i didn't even watch it on the telly.

we had a party at my house. work galore for lil old me, but it was worth it. ate some dugo-dugo and scrumptious mango float. it was fun before the spawn of satan aka my little cousins annihilated my bean bag. poor beany was bleeding little styrofoam balls. huhuhu... Owi scratched my face and i am now disfigured. sadly, i don't have a male-version of Fluer Delacour to love me with all my disfiguriosity- except my dad, but he doesn't count. eeeeeeew.

skiddadled to Ayala for some aimless walking with Bilay, Tamae, Kit, Don, and Gutz. i broke a NECKLACE and had to pay for it. i still have my dignity intact, mind you, but my poor money... poor, poor money. i had a fudge brownie ice monster to comfort my poor soul.it was delish as always and i have added it to my fave food list. i shared it with Gutz, at first, but she kept on getting brain freezes. yay! more for me! ^^ the others got Zagu, which is probably there fave drink since they patiently waited in line for an HOUR. truly amazing. must remember not to wear a Zagu costume when they are in the room.

i can HEAR the fireworks from Ayala right now. i've seen their displays so many time, i don't bother going out anymore- THAT and there is a huge tree covering them.

WHOA!!! some big bang just er... banged. seriously, i got goosebumps when i heard it. i wonder how it looked like...


:D couldn't help myself. that BANG was just too huge.

the display was simply breathtaking and i have now forgiven Ayala for being CHEAP on fireworks during New Year. honestly, those technicolor lights could've rivaled the ones in LOTR. ^^ forgot to take pictures though. sahd...


off to rp more! ^^
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Saturday, January 14, 2006
this is so sad... for the second time in a row, my Math and Filipino grades went down. it's soooooooooooooooooooooooooo depressing. my parents aren't worried AT ALL, but i've been driven to tears. i'm pathetic. my mom has been telling me that it's okay becuase i tried my best, but those words only make it WORSE. those words tell me that my best wasn't good enough. so sad... at least... at least, T. Jean thinks i'm an angel even if i can't get geom right no matter how hard i try, so i got an A for personality and leadership. yay-ish. my Filipino is still above 87 though, but it'll probably go down this grading. my Chem is still 85, but my GEOMETRY is a sad 86. that would be a great grade for me if it wasn't an 87 last grading or an 88 before that. hahay. my brain is missing. i must make kimi find it!!! ^^

off to rpg!!! ^^
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Sunday, January 08, 2006
i have abandoned my blog!!!!!!!!!! no... actually, i forgot that i had one. sahdoisms galore... must do my chores now! will blog again later.
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Wednesday, January 04, 2006
irreconcilable differences
well, this is it... the big 2006. lorda, i'm going to be senior this year.

christmas vacation. hmm... apart from, being tortured on and off with term paper and isp fandangos it was all good. got lots of presents, lots of BLUE shirts(why???), and had lots of time to spend in the alternate universes in my head. how many are they now? two main ones i guess.

numero uno would be the robert pattinson universe, where i have triplet brothers and live in gorgeous house like lucy lui's in charlies. i've stopped going there for the past few days. no longer in my rob phase.

number 2 would be the gackt one, where i am stuck in a house with the weird bishounen a la big brother. really strange universe of pedophilia since he is 30+ and i'm... 15. yes, we are the tomkat of tomorrow. ^^

where was i?

oh yes. i am also out of my william moseley phase because he laughs like a girly-girl- all heeeheeeheeee. am being superficial, i know. we've "broken up" now. mwahahaha. trust me. it was mutual.

for old time's sake:

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have to print our reports now. ~toodles
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Monday, January 02, 2006
bleh and more bleh
it's shame my first post of the year has to be like this. :P

+ 001. name : Gabrielle Samantha
+ 002. nicknames : Sam, Gabe, Gabey/ Gay-b, Mantang, Gasa, Carabao
+ 003. sex : Female
+ 004. birthday : April 9
+ 005. age : 15
+ 006. star sign : Aries
+ 007. place of birth : Cebu City, Philippines
+ 008. current residence : Cebu City, Philippines
+ 009. hair color : Brown
+ 010. eye color : Brown
+ 011. height : 4'11
+ 012. writing hand : right

+ 013. do you bite your nails : no
+ 014. can you roll your tongue : yes
+ 016. can you raise one eyebrow at a time: no. i want to though...
+ 017. can you blow smoke rings : no
+ 018. can you blow spit bubbles : no
+ 019. colored hair : no
+ 020. tattoos and where : none
+ 021. piercings and where : ears
+ 022. do you make your bed daily: yes
+ 023. what goes on first bra or underwear : panties! mwahahahaha
+ 024. which shoe goes on first : right
+ 025. speaking of shoes, have you thrown one at someone : yes
+ 026. how much money is usually in your wallet: sinsilyo lang... php 10?
+ 027. what jewelry do you wear 24/7 : none
+ 028. whats sexiest on a guy : anything as long as he carries it well
+ 029. whats sexiest on a gurl : ditto
+ 030. would you rather be on time and look ok or late and look great : on time
+ 031. do you twirl your spagetti or cut it : cut AND twirl
+ 032. how many cereals are in your cabinet : three
+ 033. what utensils do you use eating pizza : fork and knife for really big ones, otherwise... my hands and a napkin
+ 034. do you cook : just basic stuff

+ 035. how often do you brush your teeth : twice a day.
+ 036. how often do you shower/bathe : every night
+ 037. how long do these showers last : usually, 10 minutes
+ 038. hair drying method : air-dry
+ 039. do you swear : when i'm really pissed
+ 040. do you mumble to yourself : a lot
+ 041. do you spit in public: when i really need to
+ 042. do you pee in the shower: do you?
+ 043. the cd player : yes?
+ 044. person you talk most on the phone with : Genevieve
+ 045. what color is your bedroom : red, white, black, & woody brown
+ 046. do you use an alarm clock : yes
+ 047. name one thing or person you're obsessed with: surfing the net
+ 048. have you ever skinny dipped with the opposite sex : no
+ 049. Have you ever sunbathed in the nude : no
+ 050. window seat or aisle : both. depends
+ 051. whats your sleeping position : curled-up, on my side, flat on my face/back...
+ 052. what kind of bed do you like : comfy one
+ 053. in hot weather do you use a blanket : yes
+ 054. do you snore : no
+ 055. do you sleepwalk : sometimes
+ 056. do you talk in your sleep : all the time
+ 057. do you sleep with a stuffed animal : yes- a green hippo named hippo
+ 058. how about the light on : nightlight!
+ 059. do you fall asleep with the tv or radio on: when i'm home alone

+ 060. had sex : never
+ 061. were kissed or kissed someone : this morning, my parents- not on the lips though
+ 062. watched bambi : years ago
+ 063. talked on the phone : a few mins ago
+ 064. read a book : last night
+ 065. punched someone : last tuesday
+ 066. where do you see yourself ten years from now: no idea... scares me sometimes
+ 067. who are you gonna be married to and where : er...
+ 068. how many kids do you want to have : i want to adopt... one?
+ 069. your profession : manning the family business... badly
+ 070. future school : my crazy parents want me to go to ateneo... i'd like to stay in stc... don't really know

+ 071. who is your best friends : i dunno... i don't go up to my friends and squeal, "you're my bestest buddy!"
+ 072. what friends do you hang out with the most : fingals and cousins
+ 073. friend that you fight with the most : athena conlu
+ 074. friend that you miss the most: nobody

+ 075. slept in your bed: me... why? what have you heard?
+ 076. saw you cry: my mom
+ 077. made you cry: my mom!!! >.<
+ 078. spent the night at your house: athena c
+ 079. you shared a drink with: bebang
+ 080. you went to the movies with: fiona
+ 081. you went to the mall with: my parents and manong gaspar
+ 082. yelled at you: my dad. mwhaahahaa
+ 083. said they were going to kill you: don't remember

+ 084. said "I love you" and meant it? : yes
+ 085. been to New York? : no
+ 086. been to Florida? : no
+ 087. california? : no
+ 088. hawaii? : no
+ 089. mexico? : no
+ 090. china? : no
+ 091. canada? : no
+ 092. danced naked? : yeah... ahahahaaaaaa
+ 093. dreamed something really crazy and then it happened the next day? : all the time
+ 094. got a really bad feeling about something then it happened? : yepyep

____ALRight NOW....
+ 095. red or blue? : red
+ 096. spring or fall? : fall
+ 097. high school or college? : HS
+ 098. are you bored? : yes
+ 099. how many buddies are on? : 4
+ 100. last movie you saw? : the breakfast club
+ 101. last noise you heard? dogs barking
+ 102. last time you went out of the state: never
+ 103. do you have a crush on someone? : i guess
+ 104. what do you think of ouija board is true: yes, but it's dangerous
+ 105. what book are you reading now? : The Portrait of a Lady~ Henry James
+ 106. worst feeling in the world? : losing time
+ 107. what is the first thing you think when you wake in the morning? : my latest dream
+ 108. how many rings before you answer? : one
+ 109. future daughter's name? : blair
+ 110. future son's name? : draco! mwhahahaha
+ 111. chocolate or vanilla? : chocolate
+ 112. if you could have any job you wanted, what would it be? : something that rakes in billions without involving lifting a finger
+ 113. sport to watch? : specifically... nba and nfl
+ 114. glasses/contacts: Glasses.

~~~because patty told me to~~~

ist seven songs that you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, they must be songs that you're really enjoying right now. Post these intructions in your blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they are listening to.

1. Thriller - Micheal Jackson
2. I'm Singin' in the Rain - Gene Kelly
3. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds - The Beatles
4. Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
5. My Humps - Black Eyed Peas
6. Magic Works - Harry Potter OST
7. Love Is All Around - Wet Wet Wet

Taggy-tag: ehrm... don't know any other blogger aside from the ones who already did this...
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