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Monday, December 26, 2005
dec 25

merry christmas to one and all! teehee...

not the most exciting of christmases, but still nice! 'course we went to mass in the morning. tried my best to listen, but thoughts of isp-and-term-paper-fandangos kept on bothering me. at least i tried. when we got home, had some bacon and eggs on toast. muy yum <---- hey, that's kinda cool! newhack, headed to lola asing's for brunch. didn't eat much though save for some eggs, chorizo, fruitcake, banana pandan and queso de bola. doodled some really creepy things on my sketchbook, the one i share with my mom. they were very much inspired by nocturnal-devil's work. he's not satanic or anything. trust me. just real creepy. ok... headed back home fer couple of hours. didn't eat lunch since i had brunch which is like lunch except with br...
opened my presents! oooooooh! i love presents!!!

a flash drive(512mb!^^)
new clothes from gingersnaps(it's a boutique for little kids, my fave kind of store)
a vair cool notebook to add to my notebook collection
~my lovely parents
cologne~reggae kwenks
that thing you tie to your cell...yeah, that one~my manita, MM(surprise!surprise!)
a cute shirt~from my officer-manita thing
lovely brown sandals~a tita
a pencil holder+moolah~uncle diotay & auntie elli
more moolah~mama tita
more clothes!~mommy dels
a photo clip angel~auntie tata
loads of narnia & robert videos~me!
a bag tag~the cat
pink purse~meeeeeeg
handmade bookmark thing~milezy
tweety bag~kimi
cute caruso hanky, bracelet, and pugongs~the aliños
apple pie~manaing memen muyyum

blessed indeed!

stayed at home for the rest of the day, messing around on the computer. neopets! got a plushie petpet paint brush. probably won't use just like the snow one i got last year. also got 900 neopoints and couple of other stuff. went to mommy dels house to greet tito ed and his wife who just arrived from kangarooland. yeah, the one who told me that prince william and harry are handsome in person. well doi... nehooze, he told me that he had a christmas gift for me, something he really bought for just me. even had my name on it. sahdo story though- it got lost in the airport. damn conveyor belt. headed to bebangs afterwards and had somne dindin. ate viv forgot to make me pasta putanesca again. oh well. just mixed some olives into my spaghetti to fool my stomach. worked actually. mommy dels brought her laptop and lcd so we could view slideshows of recent holiday pics on the big blank wall in the aliños living room. the oldies made us set everything up. we did manage to do it- almost. we had no idea how the the robert pattinson clip we were testing it with wouldn't show up on the wall. turns out you have to press the f8 key. so much for kids being techsmart. 'kay, since we had to ask for help we didn't get to see any robert goodness on widescreen. hahay. when they had the pics up it was so embarassing. earlier that day, bebs and i had taken glamour photos of ourselves which is okay since everybody does it... but to have close-ups of your himalaya face blown up on widescreen?!?!?!?!?!?!? my gulay. we stopped it before the oldies could see more. told them that the slideshow had already ended. ha. headed home by midnight and went straight to sleep after a quick shower.

am supposed to be doing isp+term paper stuff right now. so sahd. luckily we only have to submit a draft, so it doesn't have to be perfect. gray and pumpkin are here with me, doing more friendster-related stuff than homework. oh well... i AM blogging right now, so we're all even. must revert to mega-leader mode soon, so we'll get everything done before i head off to bantayan. ttyl. cue mega-leader battle cry

some william moseley screenshots from a clip i downloaded. merry christmas to y'all!

Image hosted by TinyPic.comImage hosted by TinyPic.comImage hosted by TinyPic.com

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005
Hi... I'm Sam and I'm an ADDICT...
goodlord. i promised myself that i'd finish the introduction for our isp today, but i've only done a third of it! curse you neopets!!!

mygulay. i am an ADDICT to that site. i go there everyday and when i haf nothing to do, i look for something. why do i even bother? i haf no trophies, no paintbrushes, no rare items, no decent neohome, and i NEVER get picked for the caption contest. that site hates me on my good days. (i can honestly say that my captions are funnier than some of the ones that get picked, but again that's just me, the perpetual newbie)

i'm such an addict that instead of daydreaming about robert pattinson<3, i daydream about being filthy rich- in NEOPIA. SAHDO. i must stop, but how when there are still a few days of advent calendar goodness left??? think of all the neopoints and free items i would miss if started rehab this instant! think of all the levels and what have you i'd miss the chance of earning if i didn't visit coltzan's shrine for the next few days. think of the chances to get bits of the lab map during random events! think of the slorg who gives free neopoints in the shop of offers! think of the chances to win the jackpot with the daily scratchcard! think about neopoints i would never get to win in the only games i can play, the EASIEST ONES! think of the half of my life i'd miss if i didn't play everyday...

sahd. sahd. sahd. sahd. SAHD.

i will go on a neopets rehab AFTER christmas. one week. one week. let's hope it'll be a bit more successful than fio's net rehab.

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Friday, December 16, 2005
Pizza for ME
third grading pts are finally over! wheeeeeeeeee!


it wasn't that hard, but the pentagon thing was a bit confusing. i loved the proving part, though.


not that difficult. mostly, we had to identify who said this and who was being talked about- none of the crazy box with the descriptions thing like last time. i hated that part. i think i did bad, but i didn't study bitaw. i'm not keeping my hopes up. :-)


music was vair easy. it's too bad i had several nfis. sahd. sahd. sahdoooooh. two bands??? i only talked about the beatles! argherama. i also didn't decoarte the last part. didn't notice the 'creatively'. ouch.


easy peasy. loved the lunes part. it was mucho funo!

black ink dancing
on crisp white paper
like ants on snow

i think ants will freeze to death before they learn how to pick up a shovel and dig their way out of the snow... but that's just me.


stat was okay. i got a bit confused with the last part and my neck really, really hurt from all the bending over. i finished it, though. yay for me!


as always i left a lot of things unanswered. i'm not very good with numbers and formulas. i forgot how to do the conversion of moles to grams blah. it was a sahhhhhhhd moment, but i never really care for chem...

YES I DO!!!!!!!!!! my chem is only 85!!! i hate it! it's the only grade i have below
87. beyond annoying. if my grade goes down i'll lose all hope. i doubt that i'll be able to raise it THREE points higher. *sob* goodbyeeeeeeeee dreams.


ss was fun! i loooooved taking it. i didn't even study that hard. mga 1 1/2 hours lang. i hope it's like that next grading.


balyus! sus! it was easy and i like it better than the last clf test even when it had more questions on the facts and meanings than on how you can be a good christian and save the world. i liked the last part. drama ayu ako answer.


i loooooooooveed taking this test. it was sooo easy! it's just too bad na nanfi na sad ko. i should pay more attention instructions lagi. *sigh*


taray had invited me to her b-day celebration. we had trouble finding a ride, so we took a taxi to ayala where we looked AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL OOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRR for charisma and ice. it was already two or something by the time we found each other (picture five high school girls running and squealing, "we've been looking all over for you!" or in tara's case, "i am SO going to throttle you!") and we hadn't even eaten yet. it was a good thing we headed for yellow cab right away. we met the others there.

-mmmm... i can still see the steam coming from the "pizza for tara!". delish.
-lexy made a coke can pryramid. it toppled over, creating quite a racket. hehe
-we were a bit loud, but HELLO we're teenagers it was after exams. letting loose or whatever.
-we got wet. it rained ALL day. yay for farmers!
-went down the stairs a la beauty queen. people stared. ha
-rode a jeepney together... tried- we wouldn't fit, so only thirteen got on the first one we could find.
-again, we were the loudest bunch. theresians baya. not sobra bitaw
-i only had 1/4 of my butt on the seat. i fell over twice.

we cancelled the movie fandango because we lacked time. niña, mm, and i went to natio to get x-mas decoartions. the others told us to meet them at timezone. when we got there, we didn't see any of them, so we went to the timezone on the top floor. they weren't there either, so wen went down AGAIN. after a bit of running, jumping, and hyperventilating, we found them at the orig timezone.it was sahdo time of sahdoness.

-LORD, please forgive me!
-played air hockey. lost 2x in a row. had a close BATTLE wif ninzie, but lost like the dork that i am against mm. she's so good at it!!!
-met up wif mam at the west entry. there was a cute geek beside me. complete wif weezer glasses. i don't know his name!!!!!!!!!!!! i wil call him... christian. mwhahhahahahahah!
-then... bought flour for the apple pie(my x-mas gift to t. jean), more natio stuff, a universal remote (bec we couldn' resurrect the old one anymore), and (almost lang diay) a really cool comic book
-accidentally stole(???) a highlighter from natio. *note to self: NEVER put things you're buying in your pocket if your are a big dory*

iz zol vor now! gotte shleep! bybybybybypresBYterian!
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Wednesday, December 14, 2005
nothing else to do ('cept studying for the big chem, stat, and english exmas tom!!!), but my favorite 'whatyouendupdoingwhenyou'reanonlychild' game... MOVIE CONNECTIONS!

cillian murphy-red eye-rachel mcadams-the wedding crashers-owen wilson-shanghai noon-lucy liu-charlie's angles-bill murray-lost in translation-scarlett johanssen-girl with a pearl earring-cillian murphy!!!

rachel mcadams-wedding crashers-owen wilson-shanghai noon-lucy liu-charlie's angels-drew barrymore-the wedding singer-adam sandler-the animal-rob schneider-hot chick-rachel mcadams!

owen wilson-bottle rocket-luke wilson-around the world in 80 days-owen wilson(chicken!)

lucy liu-kill bill-uma thurman-gattaca-jude law-alfie-susan sarandon-little women-christian bale-batman-liam neeson-love actually-keira knightley-domino-lucy liu!

bill murray-caddyshack-chevy chase-orange county-jack black-king kong-naomi watts-ned kelly-orlando bloom-troy-brad pitt-interview-tom cruise-rain man-dustin hoffman-the lost city-bill murray!

scarlett johanssen-the island-ewan mcgregor-moulin rouge-nicole kidman-eyes wide shut-tom cruise-vanilla sky-cameron diaz-charlie's-lucy liu-domino-keira knightley-love actually-hugh grant-six weeks notice-sandra bullock-ms. congeniality-benjamin bratt-catwoman-halle berry-swordfish-john travolta-a love song for bobby long-scarlett johanssen!(actually naay shortcut...)

kk. back tuh work
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Saturday, December 10, 2005
ei. just got back from school! i watched the christmas concert for the THIRD time tonight. lahahahahaha. i swear, it gets better every time. although i won't take back everything i said about the costumes, the concert is great if you watch it at night. the neon isn't so neon and the fab lighting is mucho klaro, making the numbers even cooler. mygulay, i like it so much i MIGHT take back what i said about the costumes because i don't remember getting blinded by the neon green baro't sayas or the high heels when i'm staring at rhina float across the stage or listening to mary sing.

hm... mom's texting me, telling me to hit the sack. i've have so much to bloooooooooooooooooog, but orders are orders! Wiedersehen!
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Thursday, December 08, 2005
bil hoozho bi'dizhchi-neeji' 'aneilkaah!
if you're wondering about my title... it's happy birthday in navajo.


hahayoo. exams are next week and i still don't understand half of the lessons in geom and chem! my brain has rotted from all the free days the school gave us. argh! free days... that reminds me. our section didn't reach the Php 10,000 mark for the ticket sales, so we won't get an extra day of christmas break... it's so sahd, but at least we already have a free day for being modles 3x. at least...

tomorrow i'll be watching the peace concert for the 2nd time. i liked it, but to be honest...it wasn't as grand as i expected. i hope they practiced a LOT more after that wednesday fandango with one of the emcees and the dead air thing. sahdo. it's too bad they can't make me like the costumes with more practice.

goodahlordah. the costumes are,to put it lightly... ugly. *dodges flying sunflowers and black high heels* come on... neon green baro't sayas??? red leotards with black highs??? sunflowers??? total eyesore.

the singing was great. i can tell you that and the thing they did with the stage was cool (let's just say i found out where all our classroom platforms went). the star thing was pretty as well, very sosyal(ish). of course, we can't forget that it's a concert for a CAUSE. you HAVE to like it or you'll have to think about hating something that made someone else VERY happy.

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Monday, December 05, 2005
My Back Hurts *sob*
i had to clean the juniors' park(a patch of gravel and soil with a few very old trees, NO grass, and pots and pots of plants)with reg and some girls from the other sections. only reg and i worked, so we were the only ones who ended up with sore backs, sore hands, and sore throats( i accidentally swallowed a bit of gravel). it was very, very, very unfair because the park is hugish for two girls to clean. not only that, we had mini rockslides to worry about since the park is kinda sloping. argh. i think i went a little crazy bec of all the work. i started prancing about, yodelling to the tune of "goldfish spaceship".

mdm told us our rankings today. my stomach started it's routine jellydance, right before i got my yellow slip. i thought it was a very bad sign, but when i opened it, i started beaming so widely the corners of mouth could've circled the globe. 6th. mygulay...

me watched "madeleine" yestie. it's the best k-movie i've seen so far. hahay. it's really nice and it even made me like that guy from "something happened in bali"- a real miracle since i really, really disliked him when i saw that soap. hahayoo. hi-jeen and ji-suk are so cute together...

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

next time i'll be talking about "the classic", "innocent steps", and "a moment to remember". three cheers for movie marathons!

papa traded the ranger wif uncle rene's car. *sob* i really loved that pick-up. it was so... white and... car-shaped... *sob* the frontier we traded it for will go to uncle warcao because papa traded his sportage with kuya kenneth's tamaraw(the car not the animal) which is heading to bukidnon... i don't know. this car trading thing my dad does for his business is confusing. *sob*

i have homework...*SOB*
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Sunday, December 04, 2005
promised i'd blog.

we got our cards last wednesday. mon dieu! five of my grades went down by a point! gutenlordah, what is happening to me??? it's a good thing that i almost never get grounded because of grades. but still... ach. my dreams of getting in the honor roll are getting farther and farther away, but there's still a microscopic chance i'll make-bawi! i'll just have to *ahem* try harder.

i've been on a korean movie marathon. i've seen "jenny, juno" and half of "my boyfriend is type B"- half lang because the player kept on hanging. hahay.

"jenny, juno" is a sweet movie. it's kind of weird because you can't imagine teens as innocent as them having pm sex, but whatever. jenny is uber cute, although a bit annoying when she gets her share of moodswings. she's also very demanding with juno, who is the mooooooooooooooost obedient boyfriend in the universe. if she asks him for sour food, he'll give her a whole plate of lemons. if she'll ask for fruits, he'll bring her a whole box of it. he's so sweet to her! when jenny got mad at him for avoiding her, he drew a giant "I love you, Jenny!" on their baseball field(?). plus, he sleeps with his cellphone in his hand and whenever jenny calls him he'll talk to her even if it's midnight and one time he INSISTED that he'll give her a 12:30 am visit. hahay. he takes such good care of her. that girl is super lucky to have him.

be murdered by the cuteness:

Image hosted by TinyPic.com


Eddie Guerroro and Pat Morita are dead! what a shocker. i wonder how kimi will take the news...
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