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Wednesday, November 30, 2005
Icon Love
will blog tomorrow. for now...(these aren't mine! please don't use them...will add the creators names later)

For Pattinsonites:

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Thursday, November 24, 2005
Pictures (NA LANG! argh...)

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vanity, thy name is sam * kimi being diplomatic with a first year
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pa-sickly effect * a group pic w/ other vain people
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ihas ug samin * tres marias
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lining up for the spanish bread in masterline * a cheerleader, a jockette(jkjkjk), and an artist(girl playing fetch with a zesto or somethinglikethat^^)
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yummy pork chop with fabbity-fab garnishing by moi(1st and 2nd plate) and my classmates
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a very spotty night in stc * not an artistic expression... i tripped

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Monday, November 21, 2005
i have seen it and it was good.

-the lighting was a bit dim at first. the shadows were always on the actors' faces, but maybe pa-efek lang to. don't know.
-the scenes were kinda rushed as well. i don't think there was a scene that lasted more than 15 minutes, but the book is long and they are trying to fit it in a 157 min film.
-robert didn't talk much. sahdo. actually, all of the 'real' champions didn't talk much.
-emma's acting has gotten better and she's getting prettier too. hm... can't really say the same for dan's acting. *dodges sharp projectiles thrown by rabid dan fans* why listen to me, anyways?
-katie is pretty! and i love her fashion sense. her dress was nice too. can't say the same for mione's. *dodges more sharp projectiles thrown by rabid emma fans* this might seem harsh, but her dress looked like a pink artichoke.
- saw dan naked! 'kay... half. he's kind of skinny, but not like andrew. gohdnoh... dans fitter.
-moaning myrtle is a perv, but so are my friends. ^^ the bathroom scene was hilarious.
-the twins have tons of lines and they are cuter in this one.
-neville is taller than harry.
-cedric is dead... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! why do the pretty ones die?!
-there were a lot of herioneXkrum moments. they were so sweet that fiona's converted into a krummione fan.
-speaking of krum, stan is quite macho. he dances well too- like a bulgarian john travolta.
-i love snape.
-i love cedric.
-i love cedric...dead or alive.

to show just how much of a geek i am, here's my ticket.
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the real story is how i got that tiny stub of paper. i reserved seats online and there was this condition that we had ti pick them up before 4.45 or the reservation would be forfeited. mon dieu! dismissal is always at 4(we watched last friday), but t. jean was making all these announcements pa! i was hyperventilating... because of a movie. dili klarong geek, noh? anyways, i asked madam to dismiss me na and i must have looked really worried, because she signed my diary ahead of the others. maybe she thought i had to go to the hospital or something. ha. if only she knew. hm... i even helped with the distribution of all those letters, so i could go na. 'course i ran to 3A afterwards. the cat was packing her stuff, looking as distressed as i was.then, we raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan all the way to carport. quite a fear since i was carrying a cd player, a vair heavy paper bag, a badminton racket, my lunchbag,and my pack. when we got there, the car hadn't even arrived. pfft!(sige na lang. at least we got some exercise)eventually it came and whisked us off to ayala where (again) we raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan as fast as our geek legs would allow. nagsale pa ha and we had to a bit of dodging to avoid unecessary body slamming with the non-geeks. hahay. we got there waaaaaaaay early. i think 4:25 or something. we got our tickets and had to wait for more than an hour for our fellow geeks to get out of the cinemas. all that running and we still had to wait. hm... that was fun.

laaaaaaaaaast weekend, we watched this fashion show at jy. it was a cie project. -most of the clothes were great, save for a few. there was this dress na pina-j.lo, the kind of dress that covers ONLY your boobs. it could've been nice if it was on a fellow boobless teenager.
-the guy models were funny to watch. most of them were stiff, but some would do these weird poses at the end of the cat walk. lol. aspiring male models/ comedians ang dating.
-there was ONE really cute guy and ONE really pretty girl. they were my fave models.
-the intermissions were kinda annoying. they were fun, but there were too many of them. i began to think that the fashion shows were the intermission and we were actually watching a musical.*_*
-ate at mcdo afterwards. i love vanilla ice cream!
- my cousin jr was there. he was a director or something. go cuzzin! go cuzzin! nanong wala! man ko freebies!
-i'm going ticket crazy...

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gtg. homework calls.

ps. no time to go over my typos and my awful spelling ^^
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Friday, November 18, 2005
lots of things have happened, but somehow... i don't want to blog anymore. sad. sad. sad.
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Wednesday, November 09, 2005
hahay way mahay
By Jove! It's the 3rd week of the 2nd Semester!

...Dear Lord... Nothing prepared me for my exam results in Chemistry... (Ahem. How about the fact that I didn't touch the damn book?)XC I barely scrapped a passing grade. It's a good thing T. Krishna decided to make the total score into a 100 instead of the ginourmous 125. God knows what kind of hell could have broken loose if she hadn't taken pity on the hundreds of non-passers.

For Geometry I did quite well. It felt strange getting that score when the last time I did well in Math was in 5th grade. 12 mistakes!!!!!!! Ohmygulay. I am so hyper right now. But then... I recall Chem and it's back to the dumpster.

Shakamantula! We now have our term paper and our isp to worry about! Why do they love torturing us? WHY? Is it not enough that we have to slave everyday prettifying the school for PA.PA.? (Not that I hate painting and getting scarred by the glue gun...)

Next week Monday and Tuesday is PA. rofl. I usually dislike this time of the... years(? hehehe). The good thing about it is that the grounds become cleaner and prettier... very zen gardeny. I'm talking about the new faculty rock garden, the third year "forest" (!?!?!?!?!?), the fixed doors, the new sinks, and the classroom decor fandangos. HAHAY.
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Tuesday, November 08, 2005
life is life. exeunt.
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