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Sunday, September 25, 2005
Pakilambigit '05 in a nutshell...
I can't say that I've been working hard enough to ddeserve one, but i'm taking a
break from homework- just for a little while [ an hour].

Today is Bebang's birthday!!! *sings* HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU...


Day One

- Sam the Usherette-

I lost my usherette id! One of the manoys must've picked it up because I couldn't find it anywhere[ not that looked everywhere]. It was my only remembrance of how I, along with the other 3B officers, had to babysit FIFTY boys from Don Bosco.

Gidibdib nako akong job, noh. The sun was in their faces and it was merciless, so I fanned and shaded the poor guys afterI saw them blinking and uhm... glistening. I was the Mother Teresa of usherettes that morning.Okay, so I was fanning myself and they got a snippet of my self-made breeze, but the shading thing was an unselfish act. Although... for some reason MM's welcome banner's shadow would only fall on me, it was still a magnanimous deed, ne?

Oh, and despite what Da told me days before, they don't smell. They were actually
nice- at least the ones we talked to, BUT... one guy was absolutely beautiful
[and I know that he was smart too since all of them were the top students in their classes]. I wanted to JUMP on him, but that wouldn't have been proper behavior for someone who was assigned to watch over him. Darnit.

After the cheerdance exhibition their teachers gave them twenty mins. to roam around. The senior usherettes told me that I still had watch over them and I was like WHAAAAT?!?!?! Daryl, Cha, and Kim had abondened me. I was alone with forty-nine boys and a god- for ten minutes, anyways I left them after making sure they promised that they'd all head for their bus after

- Cheerdance -

The cheerdance is all a blur to me right now, but I think we weren't as awful to watch as I thought we were. The seniors were just really, really, really good.

- Boiled Egg -

Meg had a fever and her mam had to pick her up. Poor Eggy.

I hate being sick. When I was a little kid, I always wanted to be ill, so I could get out of school. When I entered highschool it all changed. Only the deranged get ecstatic when their boiling hot or when their noses gush like a snot verson of Salto Angel. There is just TOO MUCH to do, too many deadlines to meet.


Day Two

Day 2 is tanga day. NOTHING happens on day two and there is absolutely no chance of a lad-scouting extravaganza unless you fancy grown men [the manoys, guards, Mr. Enriquez, and Teacher Joel].

- Dead Egg -

Meg was absent.

- Games -

See my last entry. Tres tragique...Nuff said.

Day Three

- The Egg Lives -

Meg was okay na, so we saw her again and we met her friends, Tami and Denise. These girls are from different sides of the globe [accdg. to Meg], but they look like sisters. Freaky-ish.They were like twins 'cept one of them was born several years earlier.

Oh, and Meg FINALLY met Andrew, my malnourished 'cousin'. Meg has a thing for him ONLY because his eyebrows are thick- vair, vair thick like baby yaks who decided to live on his face. Anyhoozles, I'm sure she doesn't really, really like him. Right, Egg?

- Taboo -

The buzzer is to me as Paris is to Meg. He is my bestest pal.

I have gone Taboo crazy. We played the game three times that day. I luurve playing it even when I ALWAYS lose.

- Less Important Games -

We won the softball game against the seniors!!! 0-3!!! For the second year in a row we are the softball queens of STC. Jah... This year, it is our only pride and joy since we lost our soccer crown to the Seniors, but it's all buena. They ARE the graduating batch.

If we don't become the champions for all the games, next year, I will yank all
of... someone's hair off and give it to that bald[shinave nya], ex-Teresyana, lezboff, who hangs around the iskul a lot.

Does she miss her straight days or is she girl-scouting? *_* Nuff na oi... before someone dibdibizes this.I don't want a hatchet sticking to my head.thankyouverymuch.

- Closing Lala -

We were in a FIELD, but it was sweltering. Here and there, girls were dancing like they were high. I danced too- like it was the end of the world [not that I'd be dancing if an alien was chewing on my thigh]. Paclose- close pa ng eyes ha. Feel na feel ang music. The music? It was... I didn't really understand it, but it was cool even when the only thing Reggae Jesus ever said was somethingsomething bayan.

After the mayhem, the teachers asked us to clean the quad. The crowd quickly broke up and people started drifting away like they never heard anything. Baaaaaaaahd. Bebang and I helped clean up, though.

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Friday, September 23, 2005
Depressing News
we lost we lost FOUR games today. howhowhowhowhowhow???

in badminton, the froshies won fair and square(i think). that was just saaaahd. the
sophies won the soccer, chess, and scrabble games, jah... but:


the final score was 0-1 and if there hadn't been a short time slot or whatever we could have won it back. the sophies scored that ONE home right before the umpire said that 30 minutes
was over... i almost cried.


i don't know what really happened, but they say that some seniors and sophies were
cheering for their players. that is ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN on account that it distracts the players. however, you can't really blame it on that since the sophies aren't deaf. they could have been distracted by their own supporters as well... inspired, but distracted, right???


the players got confused with the schedule. tres sad. they were twenty minutes late and the matches were forfeited.

can't. blog. too. depressed.

ps. i had meant to post something longer with my thoughts on how i think
we underrated the sophies, how i hated being underestimated when i WAS one, how
today was a lousy birthday for tanzy[she was a chess player], etc... but [again] i'm too depressed. :-(
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Wednesday, September 21, 2005
Walang Kasense-sense...
by the end of this week, i'll be mondo fat like the people whose butts ooze over benches in 'supersize me'. people won't be able to see my eyes or my neck anymore- that is if they can bear look at my podgy form. seriously. i've been consuming my weight in candy. mygulay, i could feed a third-world country with all the junk i eat. plus, intrams starts tomorrow. that means i'll be drowning in nachos, iced tea, ice cream, siomai, and even more candy.

maybe i'm just depressed. since monday i haven't been able to do any homework and all the school blah we have to pass next week. my brain has been devoured by that horrible scenario that keeps flashing in my head, the one wherein we embarass ourselves in front of our families and other schools with our cheering/droning or zombie dancing or both. argh. i tried my best to be optimistic for tomorrow's performance, but after seeing the seniors practice for the nth time my heart dropped to my feet. i'll still give it my finest tomorrow, though, even if others cannot.
go juniors! ^^

when i was in the car with mam [a very scary time on account that she usually
gives me one of her out-of-the-blue lectures on life and blah], we talked about
lemon mentos [ zankgod] and how i am now addicted to them. our lemon-flavored discussion segued into my future [quite natural when you're talking about candy]. she started telling me that my life depended on three men, Tito King, Uncle Warcao, and Papa. they are at the helm of papa's company, the very one that pays for my tuition and important stuff... like lemon mentos. She told me that NO ONE can replace them and if something ever happend to any of them, my life would be in chaos [jah, like a war doesn't rage in my head everyday].

tragic, innit?

today is international peace day and we had this program in the sunken court to commemorate it. there were A LOT of guests from other schools and we didn't have enough seats. they had to sit in the floor or on the steps.bisan guests nadamay sa 'frivolity' ng school.nkkhya naman... >.< sige na lang. at least, na grace sila with our beauty.

my whole family was there too. well, not my whole family- but my lola, one of my aunties, her husband, they're two kids, and my uncle's girlfriend[?!?!] were there. Mommy Dels gave a speech which i could't hear since we were fifty miles away from the BACK of the stage :P

the rest of the program was okay, but one of the highest points [something that wasn't even part of show] was when Marvic set fire to our flaglets. laharhar moment of the day. the worst part [again- something that isn't even part of the show] was when whatshername almost set fire to my hair. it was during the two minutes of silence thing, so the smell of my singed hair acted like incense 'cept it wasn't calming at all.

*_* neht llit!
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Tuesday, September 20, 2005
papa has left for the cagayan of oro yet again. laharharhar... not. he eez always going on business trips [so he can shower me with butterscotch from wipey-wipey and put tictackings on the table]. i get stuck with mam which is absotively fine, but then SHE goes off to bantayan for some museum thing and i am left all aloney. add that to my onlychildiosity and i might as well be a hermit. 'cept hermits don't geoff blogging twaddle.

i have accomplished nix today 'cept make the bracelets we'll be wearing on thursday. beadwork is actually quite easy. as long as the beads all fit though the flamin' needle and you don't have to spend the rest of your life looking for ones that do or threading them with your teeth [which is what i always found myselfie doing], it's easypeasy. i even made one of princess'since she was absent. i won't get paid,though. sad.

mon dieu. palpatine is a talking about how he could not poo because he was so nervous[about what? squeaky chairs and kittens, most probably] i must go get my eardrums poked in or i will die.
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Sunday, September 18, 2005
i'm bored...
it's almost midnight and i've been online for three hours. that's ninety pesos down the drain. i'm going to have to pay mom half of it so she won't go ballistic. it's a good thing my parents are out of town. if they saw me now, they'd chop of my fingers and my tongue in case i somehow learn to type with it.

Lord… it also their anniversary today. i did not greet them at all. now, don't go all "you are such a baahd daughter". i'm making them a nice card and its better than a stupid text message even if it's a day late.

fifteen years... i wonder if they still love each other as much as they did when they were just married. ach. i know i shouldn't be thinking of such things. but still...my parents never lived with each other when they were still dating. even if they had countless snogfests, knew each other’s fave stuff, or whatever, they didn't really know each other. i have seen a lot of movies wherein the girl says "but you haven't known me that long..."and the guy answers, all gooey-eyed, "i have the rest of my life to find out". that's pretty romantic, but what if you don't like what you find out?

where the hell is my point?

blah. moving on... had badminton lessons again today. ibing and soy tagged along since mamis paying for their lessons they were good, better than me during my
first session. as usual, i sucked and i've noticed that i get suckier when this guy
passes by. gasp. do i have a new crush? i first saw him during my first session. he
was playing in the court next to ours. gah. he's not gorgeous like robert or jude,
but he's cute enough to be crush material. i was doing the underhand drill when he passed by , needless to say, i missed almost all the birds my trainer was chucking at me. i don't really remember, but i think i was debating on how i could get his name [and address and cell... hehehe]when my trainer called him. "Je.... something". the Lord has heard me! =_= argherama. i think he knows that i have a thingle for him. i’m rarely a subtle person... but i am always so pathetic.

my coach made me play against the second year badmin team.para experience kuno. one girl gave me the stink-eye. what did i do??? i wanted to shove her racket
down her mouth.

mygulay, [may ilaw na!] intrams is in four days. That’s four days till i have to 'watch over' fifty bosconian seniors. sad… [da told me that they smelled. i don’t really know for sure, but noynoy smells and he’s bosconian. maybe… hehehe. i better stop now before someone flames me. ]'course, i'll be with the other officers and i'm allowed to bring my cell so it's not so bad.

aaaaaah! it's midnight na gyud. 120 pesos na! i'm not really doing anything you know. i'm just downloading the latest GoF trailer and it's taking a millennium to load. my head is telling me to wait until we get dsl, but the harry potter freak is screaming, "just get the bloody trailer!!!". most of it has been loaded and i take peeks at it occasionally. i've seen robert actually moving. he is still tres hot. sherry the pedo think he is oogly. he is so not. i can't wait for the movie to come out so can tell her, "in your pedo face, moony!" nah. i'm not that mean. maybe she doesn't like him because she prefers young boys. i also saw katie in action. she's not blindingly beautiful but she's pretty. i saw the video clip of the unsuccessful cho chang hopefuls in titus. a bunch of them were cover girl material, but katie still outshone them all. isn't that something? plus i saw a snippet of voldie. a few days ago, patty posted a pic of ralph fiennes in all his cloaked, evil glory. i didn’t think it was authentic, but patty wouldn’t believe me. *sob* now i can finally prove to patty, that it wasn’t ralph as voldie after all.
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Thursday, September 15, 2005
Whinges and Gossip
Almost everyone has something to complain about. I find myself complaining sometimes and I'm sure you complain. Hell, even the filthy rich complain. What I CAN'T STAND are people who never do anything about their complaints.

Argh. This girl in school kept on whingeing about how sucky our cheerdance was. She wouldn't stop. I nearly reached my boiling point, but since I'm *ahem* a peace-loving person... I just told her to bring her complaints to the cheerleaders. That shut her up for a second. A second.

Some girls in class are forming this 'hateclub'. Apparently, they all harbour malicious thoughts for a girl in class. Gah. They're doing sickeningly good jobs at pretending that they don't want to hack her into pieces or something. I DON'T know who the girl really is, but I know that she's a classmate and that they call her 24/7. Poor 24/7...

The guy who says that juniors are mature needs to make like a religion teacher and open his eyes more. <--- Pahte, you're the only one who'll understand this!
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Sunday, September 11, 2005
The Expensive Daughter Has Spread Her Disease
!!! Ugh. It's 9:22 pm and I still have to memorize Rizal's bio.What on earth am I doing blogging? Curse the allure of the internet. =_=

Patty has spread her disease. No uy. I've been an expensive daughter since birth. I am an only child and it's quite natural for my parental units to dote on me. I get everything I need and most of what I want 'cept for the most ridiculous requests of course... I am SPOILED, but I'm not a brat. Is that possible?

Ha. We went to Natio after Mass because I had to buy a Filipino novel. Yun lang, but I egged my papa to get me Jessica Zafra's "Tw7sted" and Jostein Gaarder's "Sophies World". He got it for moi WHILE TELLING ME HOW HE MAKES TOO MUCH UTANG. And they say I'm weird. Anyvhack, I won't be reading them soon since I still have to reread "The Picture of Dorian Gray" for Engrish and the aforementioned Filipino novel for -doi- Filipino. Other books waiting for me to grace them with my grey matter are the sixth HP, the second "Sisterhood...", the fifth "Confessions...", and John Steinbecks's "The Pearl". Laduydaduydaduy.

Hafta go and murder my brain!
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I'm going back to CI. I didn't feel fulfilled with last Saturday's activity!!!I just have to go back there and redeem myself.I am such a sucky teacher... =_='

My mam has me taking badminton lessons. You cannot believe how many badmin addicts I found volleying pieces of feathered rubber in Metro Sports. There were old people, teenagers, couples, cute guys, feeler guys, feeler girls... O_O Needless to say, while they were playing at lightinng speeds, I was hysterically swinging my racket like the lunatic that I am. I have to start somewhere, don't I?

No time to blog more...
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Sunday, September 04, 2005
Nothing Much
~Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I have found my calling and since we are talking about me, it’s pointless and costly. I luuurve playing “House of the Dead”[ or “Time Crisis”]. I absolutely suck at games like this, but no one ever said you have to be good at something to enjoy them.  I played “HoD” last night at Timezone because I was bored and wanted to burn some cash. [Am I turning into an expensive daughter like Patty???] I didn’t want to play against a total stranger in air hockey or Daytona, so I found myself shooting away chainsaw-wielding zombies. I wasted Php 44 on the second boss alone. Ha. My card melted at the end of level two or whatever they call it, so I had to go back to Tequila Joe’s where my dad was hanging out with Uncle Rene.

~Before all that, I watched “The Magic of Curtis” with Chai, Fio, Pumpkin, and Alyssa A. Curtis had this boy band look going on. He danced in a leather shirt for a while. I wanted to laugh, but that would have been rude. Well, I’m not there anymore so HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! The magic show itself wasn’t as amazing as I had thought it to be, but it was still nice. I think his voice, which sounded very young boyisity [not a word, I know…], made it less dramatic. The dancers were good though, very scary smiles and everything, but  the audience was terrible ‘cept US. XP Most of the people wouldn’t clap or respond to anything poor Curtis said. Being “nurturers of the culture of goodness”, Fio and I clapped extra loudly than usual to make up for the humdrumiousity of the crowd.

~I want to believe in magic again. Hahay. All these illusionists and trick artists are making it hard for me to do so. I checked out the occult sec at Natio after buying my third ballpen for the week [I am cursed]. The tarot sets are gone! [I wonder who else is feeling-Trelawney here] There’s some new spell books, though, and I vant zo vuy zem all! *cackle* It’s too bad I’m bankrupt from all the zombie-killing. Plus, the books might have some hidden evil in them and I wouldn’t want that to invade me! I have one spell book, but I bought it because it was pink, shiny, and the title was “Samantha’s Guide to Teenage Witchcraft”.

~I had dinner, some nights ago, in my lolo’s house. Matthew was terribly cute when he tucked a bag of white rabbit under his shirt and ran around screaming, “I’m pregnant! I’m pregnant! I’m pregnant! I’m pregnant! I’m pregnant!” Ha. That little dude is still three.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! Turd year life is telling me to do my homework! Adios.

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