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Monday, August 29, 2005
I watched Van Helsing last night with my little cousins. Soleil and Mayumi kept on screaming and crying. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA <- evil big cuz taking over my body!!!

Forgive me, Lord, for I will now rant…

Palpatine can get sooo annoying at times. I swear… the only thing keeping me from abhorring him completely is the fact that I pity him at the same time. His siblings abandoned him and his mam for a ‘better’ life in the States. He could have gone there too if he didn’t have to take care of their mam, who is now DEAD, btw. Now, he’s old and having a hard time to acquire a green card. I admire his dedication to his parental unit… but he can still get infuriating. He has these silly idiosyncrasies that really get on my nerves. Right now, my mam is talking to him about the thing that happened last week- he screamed at River and Mel because their chairs made so much noise. Lord, he sounds like he’s sobbing… Ok, I will stop now or you’ll start to think I’m a hollow witch. Ah… He’s laughing now. I think he’s looking for his Bill <- in-joke that only Egg will understand.

Tomorrow is the culminating activity for the Buwan ng Wika. Gah and I have the lamest costume in the department ‘cept for the people who will be wearing their tie-dye sarongs over their laag clothes. I was once guilty of wearing such an unoriginal ensemble, but I just HAVE to yap. This event happens ONCE a year. There's ample time for people to soup up a decent costume. The culmination activity for the Buwan ng Wika is a day for remembering Filipino culture and people walking around in their puruntongs, looking like lost Ms. Universes with their malongs-kuno draped across their boobs, pretty much kills the authenticity of the whole thing. Another killer would be donuts during the salo-salo. Donuts?!?! Dunkin is the kita-kits or something ng bayan, but that does not make it Filipino food. Naku.

The OC na so see ya later. *sings* Typos, typos, typos, so many typos!
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Saturday, August 27, 2005
i'm in titus right now. i just got my report card! i got pretty good grades except for chemistry. i got a measley 84 there. argh!!! ttyl
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Thursday, August 25, 2005
Random Things <--- a title I'll use again and again
RANDOM THOUGHTS since nothing really happened today…

~Seeing an old playmate is always nice, but it feels a bit strange (at least for moi) to find out he’s swung THAT way. One of my cousins is gay, but I saw first-hand how he transcended from lowly sack of testosterone to fabbity-fab fairy. That’s different from meeting Rocky again. After all these years of remembering how he told me I ran slow because I was a girl, I find out that now he REALLY runs like one himself. Life is tres strange. Well, at least we have mucho more in common and I’ve always enjoyed the company of gay men. I mean, we do have at least eight of them in the family.

~If God had wanted people to be juniors, He would have given us five brains, arms, everything. We have two play-productions this Monday. Two. Deux. Dos. Zwei. Due. Dalawa. Duha. Naku. I thought I had gotten used to third-year layp. Still, at least I’m not on the streets. Getting emo again.

~I have horrible posture. I’m as baku as Lance Armstrong’s wins are straight. When I grow old, I’m going to be hunchbacked, blind from all the reading in the dark, and penniless. I wonder if they’ll cast me for “Kampanerang Kuba in Space”.
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Monday, August 22, 2005
Just had a very laid-back weekend. Horrible, actually… I keep on worrying about what I might have forgotten to do! I only accomplished two things today- my Music project and the diary thing for English. I feel so incompetent right now.

Tomorrow we’ll be changing our seats. I don’t want to. I’m going to miss Regina in all her genius seatmate glory, Stephy’s constant “I’m so fat” or “Harry is maaahnly” comments, Grayshell shutting us up when we sing a Hilary Duff song, and even Pumpkin’s everyday routine of saying “Stooooopid.” I’m getting so emo. Zoddammit! We’re still classmates baya.

Hahay. I’ve given up trying to make my own template. CSS or whatever is as alien to me as Math. I’ll have to stick with my current layout. No prob really since it’s adorable naman.

I wasted 120 pesos for that. It’s sooo argh. Dial- up is argh. Golden Peak is so argh for being so tall and blocking the wifi signal. My forehead is so argh for being a warzone (don’t ask..,)

Life is so argh, but at least I’m not on the streets begging.

I’m getting emo again. I better stop now.
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Saturday, August 20, 2005
August 20! <--- I can't think of a title
~August is the “Buwan ng Wika” and since cut-out queen, MM, is in III-B, our walls are decorated with brown paper tiles to give our classroom a nipa hut effect. Well… At least, they WERE. The school told us to take them off. They were afraid the tape would damage the paint so our walls are back to its creamy boringiosity. Poor Tempo. Putting those things up took them three days pa gyud. :-(

~Some of the FU*-fighters and I watched “The Great Raid” this afternoon. Since it was “the most successful rescue mission in the history of the U.S. military”, it really wasn’t that- How should I say this? Hmm… I really didn’t go, “Ah! Oh! Nooooo! Stupid bullet!” which is what I usually do during war flicks. Still, it was a cool movie. Critics are saying it was a flop, but I don’t really listen to them that much. Although I have to admit the number ONE reason I watched “The Great Raid” was because it was about Filipino history. Cesar Montano was in it, bringing with him his unnatural bad English from “Rizal”. Paolo Montalban was in it- for TWO minutes tops. There was also this Pinoy guy who’s a suki in playing lecherous kontrabidas. I think he died… Anywhack, it was nice to see Pinoy actors in a movie with DECENT special effects. It’s pretty rare baya.

~I’m currently in a “poetry phase”. I’m a FRUSTRATED poet. Sobra. My poems are baduy. You know… all “I love you with all my soul” stuff. Reg and Steph asked me to write them so I didn’t really have a choice. I confess that I did enjoy writing them and I loved the look on Steph’s face when she realized that Harry Potter, her “loverboy”, was already DEAD in the poem. Read: “As you trace my name, the silver letters engraved on black stone.” Of all the poems I wrote this week, NONE of them had good endings. Lol. I changed it into an essay though. I am obsessed with proportion (which it lacked greatly) and I couldn’t choose which lines to use thus I used them ALL.

~Our report cards will be given out next week. My stomach feels like a million caterpillars wiggling in it. I can’t wait. <3<3<3

*Fingals United
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Sunday, August 14, 2005
no title kay kapoy si madam
Chihuahua! It's been a week since our qes. So far, I've done okay except in Geometry and Chem. Of course, that was expected. I had 35 mistakes in Geom which means my score was five points higher than the passing score! If was someone else I'd be devastated, but I'm me so HAHA! In Chem I had 55 mistakes which HURT, but I still passed. Enough about grades...

I watched Charlie and the Choco Factory with my parents last night. It was weird and I absolutely LOVE weird as long as no one gets hurt 'cept the people who hurt me. Ok. Me joke.

Aaah! I've gotten the Kwan bug. I just finished reading "The Hundred Secret Senses" by Amy Tan. It's really nice 'cept for the part when Libby-ah talks about "making love". I'm not use to that at all. It's either sex or bleepbleep. Bleepbleep sounds even weirder actually, but at least I don't say tooot! which is beyond annoying if you ask me.

I was yapping about Charlie and the Choco Factory and I end up talking about bleepbleep. Something is vair, vair wrong with me.

I'm thinking about changing my template. My current one is uber cute, but I want a more personalized one, something than doesn't require me to squint, something like Patty's... I better get to it na because I'm picky. Nakakasuklam. Yesterday, I went through five outfit changes before I was ready for laag.
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