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Saturday, July 23, 2005
Kadyut lang sa...
This is going to be short.

We didn’t have classes yesterday, so I went to the movies with my parents. We watched “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. It was so cool and funny, but my mom kept on laughing that I was too annoyed to laugh sab. It had a stellar cast too. They had John Malkovich, Bill Nighy, Alan Rickman… Sobra. Plus, the guy who plays Arthur is the same guy who plays another Arthur in Harry Potter. The Weasley one ba. Anywhack, I really want to watch it again, but I have a bazillion things to do.

Gah. Periodicals are in a week. I better start studying for Geom and Chem. I suck at Math and other kuti stuff. Gtg, pyu… <3<3<3
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Wednesday, July 13, 2005
I can't think of any good titles...
Teacher Christine had us rearrange our seats. Thank you, God. My old place would get scorching hot after lunch. It's by the window, but we're on the ground floor. So... Unless a tornado was about to sweep me up to my rightful place as queen of an alternate universe where you can have awful posture and not be hunchbacked when your senile, you couldn't get as much as a whisper from the heavens on most days. The breeze from the electric fan can get to me now and I would have been in utopia if we didn’t have to take a quiz on tenses. I swear, just like the Lupang Hinirang, I can never get it right no matter how much I go over them.

Ach. That reminds me. We have a practical test on the three STC Must Songs. Must. Must. Must. Must. Must. Must. Must. Must. Must. Must. NOT Mass.

PU #2 picked me up from school suuuuuper late. It was a good thing Dixie lives nearby and decided to hang out with me for a while. Dixie is ultra talented in the art and singing department. I'm making her a DA account to show the world her talent. Sobra. I'm a semi-Dixie-licker<--- new thingy I learned from reading "The Princess Diaries VI".

And adults say that we can't get anything from books like that. Excuse ME but who reads sex books with scantily clothed couples on the cover??? Adults [Of course, some peers of mine, who will remain unnamed, read them too] Susan books are exempted from this category because her books only have scenery on the cover and the bed scenes- can you call them bed scenes? They happen everywhere! Pick- up trucks, in the middle of football fields, on a desk... [I got all this info from Egg, some Spudders and from the ONLY Susan book I've read, "Kiss an Angel"]

Vhere was I? Oh, yeah. Never mind that topic.

We had an unannounced pre- diagnostic test for Geometry from SS to Fil time. Surprise! Surprise! NOT. What the heck is SAS or transversal? I haven't even taken the test about Geometry's history yet. Mon DIEU. It’s a good thing it's not part of the card grade. But, the report tomorrow for SS is! I better go pretend to study and set my alarm for five so I can study AGAIN aka sleep till six.

I love you, Pyu...
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Monday, July 11, 2005
Would you still be friend if...
Nagsummative mi sa Geometry. I studied. I ACTUALLY studied, but I think igo ra ko makapass! Ach.

The Spudders and I had this weird conversation during lunch. We talked about who we would date if we were guys. It all started when I asked them if they'd still be my friend even if I was bi or gay. [Of chores, I am neither... I don't have anything against those who swing that way]. They told me that they would still be my friends as long as I didn't ask any of them out. HA. They're good people and all, but I would NEVER date any of them. Of course friendship isn't about the ifs diba. Anywack, the Abyss told us she would totally date her cousin- which is beyond gross... but she told us that she would if they weren't related so she could break her stupid heart into a bazillion pieces and then set them on fire.

She doesn't like her cousin. :-P Obvious ba?

Haaaaaaaaaay... I have report to memorize for Social Studies. Is third- year really this difficult or am do I just think it is? We have tests everyday. I'm constantly studying my brain dry. <---- BIG FAT LIE

Australia ish... G'nyt, Pyu. (-.-) Zzzzzzzz

I luuuuurve my new skin by _upside-down*
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Sunday, July 10, 2005
Missing Paradise
I stayed slept in Paradise last night. It still feels like home. It should since I lived there for eight years. I can't remember a lot but to sum them up...

Eight years of

1. Listening to people say, "Naa moy itlog?"
2. Cowering in terror of The Xai.
3. Pakipot with the cute guy on the street way before mine.
4. Running around the village braless * I have no boobs so I didn’t break any laws*.
5. Falling of my bike in front of unsuspecting passersby.
6. Cramming that stalked me to my new house.
7. Dancing in front of my mom's huuuuuge antique vanity like the moron that I am.
8. Sleeping with the telly on when I'm alone in the room.
9. Climbing up the shelf in my room to my secret box.
10. Fushigi Yuugi and Pokemon cards that I stored in the secret box.
11. Walking at night to Bo's.
12. Accidentally destroying my Barbies' hair.
13. Accidentally decapitating my Barbies
14. Playing "Ms. Universe" with my Barbies *I am a Barbie nut*
15. Having my diary secretly read by... people.
16. Stocking up on Mongol No. 2s.
17. Cursed computers that break down every week.
18. Watching TV when I'm strictly told not to.
19. Bliss and tears.
20. "You make my life sooooo hard! Ooooh... I really want that. I luurve you so much!"

There ish a lot more, but I don't have time.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I've got megatons of homework! Till next time, dear Pyu.
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Friday, July 08, 2005
It's Me Again
I've come back!!! I am one of the laziest bloggers in ze world, but anywack...

- I'm an officer?!?! When that darn cat bit me last summer, I must've died and plunged into an alternate universe. I have the lowest rank, but who really cares? Getting picked out of 52 is pretty sweet.

-Seon brought her yearbook tuhday. Our's looks like the phonebook next to it. Their yearbook is super bongga... Ok, I'm moving to Korea!

-THEY are soooooooooo baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad! It's not fair that some secs[INCLUDING MINE!!!] didn't get to attend the Pinoy Blonde thing! Waaaa... I hope they get extra homework for it.

-Today is a national day for prayer. EVERYBODY!!! We have to pray for our beloved country!!!

-ish all for now :D
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